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You may install and run the Hog Farm Manager application for 6 months, free of charge. That should provide enough time to enter your herd data and approve or disapprove the software. At that time you will be invoiced for the following 6-month period at the rate of 20 US per sow every 6 months. Pay the invoice only if you approve the software.

Your data is stored on the internet cloud. So, you do not need to perform any database maintenance tasks.
The software will automatically download any updates and corrections that Micro AG makes. You will be alerted when an update is available.

Install instructions:
  1. Download the Setup package (below).
  2. Save the Setup package on your hard drive.
  3. "Run" the Setup package on your hard drive.
  4. NOTE: Your computer may not recognize this Setup application. If so, click on "More info" to have the option to install the application.
  5. When the install is complete there will be a startup icon for the application on your desktop.

Download Farm Manager Application Setup

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Email Support at MicroAG.com with any questions.